Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

All Products Except these are from FourPercent Group and other 3rd party providers.

Solutions4Mankind™ and iYannis™  websites (, & offer a Risk-Free, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If the product arrived as DOA (dead on arrival), we will send you a new one free of charge after verification of the problem and issuing a return of the defective one.

In case the packet will not be delivered for any reason and/or returned back to the sender, there will be no reimbursement. In exceptional cases, there may be a conditional reimbursement. 

After you have received our products, if you are unsatisfied with, you may return any open or unopened product within thirty (30) days from the delivery date according to the shipping tracking records (or within the limit time and return limitations that the manufacturer mentions in the description of the product), for a full refund of the purchasing cost, according to the refund policy of the manufacturers, excluding the shipping & 10% handling costs from banks, credit card gateways, administration cost and other.

For the Anti-Nano products and bundles, the nonrefundable amounts are:

  1. The Shipping Costs and 10% of the total price of the purchased products are not reimbursed. Furthermore, the following amounts also are not reimbursed.  

  2. US$ 14 USD for admin handling returns of AN-PEMF-01 with or without power supply

  3. US$ 22 USD for handling returns of AN-PEMF-02m or v or VM with or without power supply

  4. €35 USD for handling returns of a single bucket or US$41 USD for the advanced bucket with the magnets.

  5. US$57 USD for handling returns of triangles (any combination).

  6. US$75 USD for handling any of the bundles.

Consultation fees and donations are not refunded after the consultation. 

Please follow the following steps to receive the requested refund:

– Contact customer support for Return Material Authorization  Number (RMA#) and return address or special instructions depending on the product. The following applies only to the Antinano bucket, triangles, and Pulse Generators.

The remaining

– Place your RMA# inside the package along with your name and address.

– Ship the product back to us.

– After the reception and inspection of the products matching the RMA# we will issue a refund. We would recommend that you send it with a tracking option and the name and signature required.

For the remaining products, we will need to first confirm with the supplier the authorization to return their products.

  • The shipping cost required for your return of the product is not refundable. You absorb the return shipping cost.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support ( We are always happy to help.

*Please remember to email us asking for your return number (RMA#). Packages must be shipped within ten (10) calendar days from sending you the RMA#. You need to include that number on a paper inside the box with the returned product and use the text with the description that we will provide you, for the declaration on the export document of the postal documents,

MitoHQ & Shield Products

According to the refund policy from their side, as mentioned on their website.

Cancelation of order – All Products

If you request a cancelation of the order and a refund before processing the order, there will be reimbursement of the total amount, excluding 10%, which is the admin costs, handling fees from the banks, and credit card gateways. If Route protection is selected, it will be reimbursed according to the T&C of  that company. In other cases, refunds are as mentioned above.