CLA Capsicum Extract

CLA Capsicum Extract capsule from our company is a unique highest quality product which combines the benefits of the CLA and of the chili, in one capsule.

Benefits of chili.

Chili contains antioxidants which, (among other benefits), help slow down aging. It also contains vitamins that help to strengthen the collagen in the body. It helps with the relief of flu symptoms, reduces nasal congestion and helps ventilate the expectorant, because of the capsaicin. Relieve from indigestion gas in the stomach. It can also expand blood vessels in the intestine and stomach to better absorb nutrients. In the medical field, capsaicin extract is used in creams or gels for the relieve of  skin pains, like burning sensations and other skin’s pain causesrheumatoid arthritis and shingles.

How good is our CLA chili oil?

In our product, the capsicum extract from chili oil is mixed with CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids), unsaturated fatty acids. This combination helps to break down the existing excess old fat and can also pull out the fat that is attached to the muscles in the body. This, broken down fat, is excreted through the excretory system. Furthermore, the capsicum extract helps to sweat more and increases body’s metabolism.


CLA also helps patients with thyroid issues,  (it increases the metabolism and prevents little fat cells to become big),  and help reduce food allergies. Assists with visceral fat reduction (fat which is deep in the abdomen area between the organs). It also assists to reduce the cholesterol’s levels.


We offer all these benefits with our capsicum (chili) extract to stimulate the body u0026amp; help it burn fat and sweat better. By now we all see clearly the importance of our oil mix. In each of our capsules, the key ingredients are the chili extract, mixed with CLA (unsaturated fatty acids), combined together to increase efficiency.


Many people think that simply by eating any weight loss supplements, will help them to reduce and keep their weight down and will be good for the health. This unfortunately is because of misinformation, or misunderstandings about the product or even wrong information. Also, they wrongly think that they can maintain unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle and by simply consuming some supplements, will have fast and permanent results.


If we want to reduce the fat in our body, we first need to resolve these misunderstandings.


There are “good” u0026amp; “bad” fats. The fat that is clogged by the body, is made both from the existing old excess fat, and also the fats we add by consuming:

  • high-glycemic diet, including excess carbohydrates, which if not metabolized, will be stored as fats, and
  • many unhealthy fats in the food we eat.
  • There may be also some pathologies u0026amp; hormonally issued which results in reduced metabolism and increase of the fat percentage in our bodies.


When we are going to take any supplements for weight management, we can not expect significant results, if we  not make the necessary changes as well. So we should focus, as early as possible, on health eating and living habits and taking care of our body’s health..  And then use highest quality weight management supplements, like the CLA CAPSICUM EXTRACT as an assistance to achieve the desired results, while doing  the necessary changes.


Do not oversee the importance of some regular physical activities. Although nutrition is 80%  exercise is the remaining 20%. Because muscle tissue is more active than fat tissue, you can speed up all-day calorie burning with strength-training exercises such as lifting weights or doing pushups, crunches and squats. OR even a walk with sort intervals of fast walking, is sufficient to boost the metabolism.  For best results, perform these exercises at least twice weekly, incorporating all major muscle groups into your routine.

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