The Spike Device – Basic model AN-SPK-02

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The Spike Devices is designed to eliminate the negative effects from the proteins/peptides that are shed from persons who have received the gene editing therapy based on mRNA technology. In combination with antinano triangle also accelerates the removal of assembled nanoparticles from the body.

This device is similar to The Spike device as presented by Independz @

It has the same functionality and similar performance.

The main design difference is that it is enclosed in a box for better cable management and electrical safety

The design, the components, and the placement of the components are chosen and placed in such a way that allows flexibility for the user to change the pulse rate and the density of the pulses very easily during the duration of the session

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Connect the power and place the electrodes between any two parts of your body where you want to disengage the imposed nanotech and artificially made peptides and proteins shedded (or jumped) from other persons.

For example one electrode between the two legs, one between the belly and the kidneys, or one on the left leg and the other on the right arm, etc.

Hold the electrodes in place with your hand. During the first few seconds, you will not feel any pulses.

As you keep holding the electrodes in place slowly you will start feeling the pulses. Depending on the location of the electrodes, you may feel slight movements of the muscles in the area between the electrodes. This is normal since the muscles contract with electrical simulations.

Duration of session

Start with short sessions of a couple of mins up to five minutes. Per location.

Increase the duration gradually.

WARNING: Avoid the head and the heart area. DO NOT place the electrodes on the head or on the heart area. In case you have a pacemaker for cardiac arrhythmias, do not use the device.

Product Specifications

Power Input

Option 1: 12V 10A

Option 2: 12V 16A

Power output_ 57-450 mV, 6-150 mA without resistance. When the pads/electrodes are applied to the body the passing current is lower.


An Enclosure box

Two relay/flasher

Two magnets to control the pulse rate.

A universal power supply/adapter:

With Option 1: Input 110VAC-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz, Output 12VDC – 10A max

With Option 2: Input 110VAC-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz, Output 12VDC – 16A max


1 metal rod

2 pads, Homemade pads. The pads come out of the device connected to the magnetic wire.

A 30ml bottle with water-based gel for better conductivity between the skin and the electrode. See below the ingredient list.


  1. A 200 ml bottle with conductivity gel. Ingredients: Aqua (water), Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorphenesin, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin.


Shipping Price, includes Shipping Costs, Packing, Export Costs, Admin, and Handling.

There may be customs duties & taxes at the country of destination, which are out of our control.

Handmade so there may be a small difference that what is shown in the pictures.

Prices may change without notice.


Weight 2.05 kg
Power Input

Standard shipped with 12V 10A, Upgrade Spike to support 12V 16A Shipped with 12V 16 A, Standard for 12V 10V but do not ship the power supply. I also bought, before or buying with this order the pulse generator for the antinano bucket and triangle. I will use the Power supply that came or is coming with the antinano bucket or triangle, Upgrade for 12V 16V but do not ship the power supply. I bought before or buy now, with this order the pulse generator for the antinano bucket and triangle.


No accessories. Thank you., 200 ml Contact Gel for better conductivity between pads and skin.


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