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Gynecological Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation, LLLT, Without Side Effect – Free Shipping

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Women Gynecological Therapy Vaginitis Treatment Tightening Laser, Vaginal Rejuvenation LLLT Home Remedies Physical Therapy Device Without Side Effect

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New coming women gynecological laser therapy. Medical equipment portable vibrating health care.

  • 100% Safe and Painless and Effective: Security and stability of home laser as well as the exact effect of medical laser. The treatment process is painless and harmless, non-invasive, no trauma, green and safe. Laser therapy delivers non-thermal (non-heat) photons of light to the body to help heal injured cells.
  • Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy:17 laser beams into one device,even one laser beam at end of the probe,thus keep good treatment effect on the columnar ectopy and vaginitis.
  • Cold Laser Therapy Advantages: Pure green physiotherapy,no side-effect,no pain.
  • Multifunctional: The massage function can improve the life quality,can also be a funy toy. If use it with the laser therapy,it could also increase the treatment efficiency.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and we will get back to you immediately!

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For what you can use   the gynecology 650nm low level laser therapy range?

  1. Mild cervical erosion, cervicitis & columnar ectopy.
  2. Mild non-specific vaginitis.
  3. Vaginal tighten.
  4. Can be used as sex massage, separately or at the same time with light therapy,

What`s the principle for the laser therapy woman gynecology light therapy device?

  1. Female reproductive system folds numerous, complex structure, and is located deep inside, import-style treatment of the slightest mistake, likely to cause serious consequences.
  2. The manufacturer, has several decades of clinical applications about 650nm low level laser working for the gynecology field . When the laser working, it could repair the damaged tissue and cells , activating the enzymes.  furthermore. the red cells could also absorb the laser energy, thus the oxygen carrying capability is increased , and accelerated the blood circulation and metabolism, thus treatment the columnar ectopy and mild non-specific vaginitis.
  3. It also s stimulate the production of collagen, increase the collagen the regeneration , thus has good effect on the vaginal tighten.
  4. Through years of scientific experiments and clinical experience, it is proved that the red laser light has the functions, such as biological photo chemical effect and light bio-stimulation effect.

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What’s is the Background of gynecological women laser device ?

The low level laser widely used in the clinic over 20 years worldwide and the clinical results show that the low level laser has good results and treatment effect on Mild cervical erosion, cervicitis & mild non-specific vaginitis & viginal tighten.

How to use the gynecological laser therapy device?

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What`s Warranty Terms?

  • All of our product, warranty is one year
  • Before shipment, it will be inspected, to ensure each one is working
  • Before shipment, the packing picture of product will be sent for checking




Weight 1 kg
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Cotton, ABS





Item Type

Massage & Relaxation


Gynecology laser theray device for women


New coming women gynecological laser therapy medical equipments portab

Laser diode :

17 pcs with 650nm

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Payment Terms:

Western union, MoneyGram, T/T, PAYPAL

Feature one:

Physiotherapy rehabilitation

Feature two:

massage and low level laser


New coming laser therapy medical equipments portable with vaginal mas


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