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EMF protection-shielding Unisex baseball hat – Black

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Baseball hat with EMF shielding – 100% silver fabric. Black or Navy Blue –  (Arrival 15-35 days depending your country)

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What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is “non-ionizing radiation,” including microwaves and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Any type of electrical appliance produces non-ionizing radiation, including cell phones, computers, televisions, wires, and ultrasound.

Why do you need an electromagnetic radiation protective cap?

Electromagnetic wave radiation has been listed by WHO as the fourth largest source of environmental pollution after water, atmosphere, and noise. It has become an invisible “killer” that harms human health. The nervous system is very sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation. After repeated effects of low intensity, the function of the central nervous system changes, and neurasthenia syndrome occurs. It mainly has a headache, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, sleep disorders (insomnia, dreams, or Drowsiness), dozing off during the day, irritability, sweating, palpitations, chest tightness, hair loss, etc., especially difficulty in falling asleep, weakness, hyperhidrosis and memory loss are more prominent, all of which indicate that the brain is dominant in the inhibition process, so the victim In addition to the above syndromes, there is also a short-term memory loss, the visual motor response time is prolonged; the hand-brain coordination movement is poor, the performance slows down the digital recording, and there are more errors.

Swiss standard requirements:

The Swiss standard requires safety within 2mGs outside the 2m range of appliances. The human body can only withstand 2mGs radiation, but it is said that all kinds of household appliances: mobile phones 200mGs, computers 20 ~ 40mGs, copiers 40mGs, microwave ovens 200mGs, hair dryers 100mGs, TV 20 ~ 40mGs, refrigerators 20 ~ 40mGs. Studies have shown that the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation above 2mGs can cause illness in humans.

Applicable to the crowd:

An electromagnetic radiation protective cap is suitable for people who work long hours or live in areas with large electromagnetic waves. such as computer, printer, radar contact, and wireless testing personnel as well as radio, telecommunications, communications, computer room, laboratory workers, etc.
Electromagnetic radiation protective caps can protect against computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring and radiation, protection against the radiation of the base station, radiation of the laboratory, and other kinds of radiation. It is the ideal protective product for the army, banking, communications, electricity, schools, media, scientific research, and other industries.

The products we sell:

Electromagnetic radiation protective caps

The main radiation protection component of the cap:

100% Silver fiber

Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:

Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz

Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4dB

Fabric analysis:

The silver fiber radiation protection suit is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding silver to a fiber surface through a special technique. This structure not only makes the silver fiber maintain the original textile property but also gives it all the magical functions of silver, the magical effect of silver fiber. Silver has the most effective antimicrobial properties. Silver fiber radiation-proof fabric made of silver-containing fiber using nanotechnology is the latest radiation-proof technology in the world after metal anti-radiation fiber cloth. It has the functions of radiation protection, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling, and is the production of radiation-proof clothing. Ideal fabric. Its anti-radiation effect is superior to radiation-proof fabric made of other metal materials, which can be worn close to the body and is beneficial to the human body.

Anti-electromagnetic wave clothing shielding principle:

The metal is highly conductive and has an electromagnetic shielding function. When a person wears anti-electromagnetic wave clothing to contact an electronic device, the anti-electromagnetic wave clothing can quickly and effectively conduct electromagnetic waves, thereby protecting the body from electromagnetic waves.

The maintenance method of silver fiber:

Silver fiber exposed to the air can not avoid oxidation, the fabric will be black or yellow, which is a normal phenomenon, and does not affect the shielding effect. To reduce the oxidation of washing, it is recommended to wear a primer shirt, if do not use it, it is recommended sealed.

1. It is recommended to wash with well water, mineral water, and pure water; (Reason: Some tap water contains chloride ions, and if the chloride ion is excessive, it is easy to react with silver to reduce the damage to silver by alkali and chlorine)

2. Modest amount of neutral detergent, washing for a short time; (Do not use acidic detergent or laundry detergent)

3. Can not rub and washing machine wash. Can not be bleached, clothes washed, can not twist, picked up directly from the water dry in the ventilation, avoid exposure, do not recommend ironing.

4. It is recommended to wash or wash as little as possible to prevent the improper washing effect of shielding

Do radiation protection suits have a shelf life of it?

Q: Can radiation protection products be washed? How long does the radiation protection product last? Is it related to the date of manufacture?

A: The radiation protection product can be washed. The radiation protection fabric has the standard of washing durability. Under normal circumstances, it can be washed more than 300 times. It does not affect the normal radiation protection effect. It does not mean that it cannot be washed. Radiation protection products are generally suitable for 1-3 years because the friction during the wearing process will produce different degrees of aging, so the effect of the radiation protection product has nothing to do with the production date, and has a relationship with the abrasion resistance of the radiation protection fabric, which can be based on wear. The extent and age of use determine the age of use.

[NOTE]: Cell phone signal does not equal cell phone radiation

The mobile phone signal is a high-frequency microwave signal. It is the ability of the mobile phone itself to receive signals. It is basically harmless to the human body. The mobile phone signal has spread all over the world and is also supported by the countries of the world. The mobile phone can automatically search for signals. The steel in high-rise buildings is all steel. The elevator can receive signals, so the mobile phone initiative to search for signals has its own particularity. The protective effect of radiation protection suits cannot be based on the strength of mobile phone signals.

My anti-radiation caps are protected against electromagnetic waves generated by the sudden increase or decay of electric currents in electronic components and are not anti-cell-phone signals.


Fabric test methods:

1.Fabric combustion method:

(1)Metal fiber

Ignite the attached fabric sample and find that the burnt sample is a very clean and fine network metal, which indicates that the fabric is very good in material and can effectively shield the radiation.

(2)Silver fiber

The attached fabric sample is ignited and burned to a black globule after being completely burned with fire. After being crushed by force, it can be turned into a powder, which indicates that the material of the fabric is very good and can effectively shield the radiation.

2.Conductivity test method:

Radiation protection clothing and ordinary clothing fabrics are essentially different. Since metal fiber and silver fiber can conduct electricity, radiation protection suits are electrically conductive, while ordinary clothes are not electrically conductive. Bring your own multimeter, or take the radiation protection suit to the appliance maintenance department to check the conductivity of the radiation protection suit.

(1)Ordinary clothing detection

The multimeter is adjusted to the 200Ohm or 2KOhm position. When the multimeter pen is in contact with the test fabric and the distance is 10cm, the resistance value is 1 and the value of the multimeter when the object is not tested is 1, indicating that the ordinary fabric is non-conductive.

(2)Metal fiber testing

The multimeter is adjusted to the 2kOhm gear position. When the multimeter pen is in contact with the test fabric and the distance is 10cm, the resistance value fluctuates around 0.421KOhm, indicating that the metal fiber radiation protection suit has conductivity, so it has anti-radiation effect.

(3)50% Silver fiber testing

The multimeter is adjusted to the 200 Ohm gear position. When the multimeter pen touches the test fabric and the distance is 10 cm, the measured resistance value fluctuates around 1.1 Ohm, indicating that the conductivity of the 50% silver fiber radiation protection suit not only is better than that of the metal fiber but also the radiation protection effect also better than metal fiber.

(4)100% Silver fiber testing

The multimeter is adjusted to the 200 Ohm position. When the multimeter pen is in contact with the test fabric and the distance is 10 cm, the measured resistance value fluctuates around 0.4 Ohm, indicating that the conductivity of the 100% silver fiber radiation suit is better than that of the 50% silver fiber fabric. The anti-radiation effect is also better. It can be seen from the test that the resistance value of 100% silver fiber is relatively small in the fabric, so the conductivity and anti-radiation effect of 100% silver fiber are also better.

3. Conductive test:

The essential difference between radiation-resistant fabrics and ordinary fabrics is that radiation-proof fabrics are conductive and ordinary fabrics are non-conductive, so test the radiation resistance with a multimeter to see if it is effective.(If there is no multimeter at home, you can take the clothes to the appliance repair department, let the maintenance master test).

4.Professional radiation equipment test method:

The first step: using radiation equipment to detect the host, radiation equipment will display the corresponding radiation value.

The second step: use radiation suits to block the back of the chassis, in the middle of the radiation equipment and the rear of the host computer to block a layer of radiation protection suits, then see the display on the instrument value is 0, indicating that the host computer’s electromagnetic radiation is radiated Clothing shielded.


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Weight 0.14 kg

Radiation protection

Applicable site

Family and workplace

Main radiation protection material

100% Silver fiber

Product weight

0.2 kg


Black, Navy Blue

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  1. Angee

    as no holes due to need of material…find it heats your head up and gives me a pressure headache…perhpas better in the colder climates…

    • eShopAdmin

      Angee, thank you for your comment. Keep in mind though that if there were holes it would not have block all the range of EMF frequencies that currently is blocking.

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