Electrical Insulation Safety Test for the Anti-Nano Triangles

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Electrical Insulation Safety Test with Fluke insulation test device. It reassures you of the electric safety of the device.

With the usage in the detox baths, the salts may cause erosion on the electrical insulation of the wire. Preventing maintenance Insulation tests will detect on time if there are any potential dangers and will allow you to repair and correct the problem before it will be an issue

The shipping address in Switzerland and instructions will be communicated with an email after your order confirmation.

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Electrical Insulation Test for all the anti-nano triangles.

It applies to all the anti-nano triangles. Both for the triangles that you have purchased from this shop, or you have made yourselves or had purchased from another supplier.

It is recommended to repeat the test every 6-12 months depending on the usage.

Price does not include

  1. the shipment from your location to the test location in Europe
  2. if required, troubleshooting costs
  3. if required, repair material cost
  4. if required, repair time costs to fix your triangle, (if it will be found with a mechanical or with the electrical insulation problem).

If we will diagnose that a repair will be required, we will inform you of the estimated cost.

Shipping Not Available for Antarctica, New Caledonia, and the Federated States of Micronesia.


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