AN-PEMF-02v Pulse Generator with Frequency Control

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AN-PEMF-02v Pulse Generator with Frequency Control.

TOP Anti-nano Frequency Control Unit for shutting down the program of nano in your body.

It can be connected to your anti-nano bucket, triangle, and coils. It allows you to choose the frequency of your electromagnetic pulses.

You may receive it in a white-grey color box or black color.

Power Configuration Options:

  • No Power Supply/Adapter, You take the responsibility to connect correctly yours power supply/adapter. Option to come with jack port  (12V /10A max)  or banana plug 4mm  (12-24 V / 20 A max)
  • Power Supply/Adapter 12Vdc 10A – 120 W (with European or N. America 3-pin wall plug). Recommended for usage only with anti nano bucket
  • Power Supply/Adapter 12Vdc 16A – 192 Watt (with European or N. America 3-pin wall plug). Recommended with usage with anti-nano triangle and anti nano bucket.


Comparison Table for the Pulse Generators: Click here

It better if will purchase it with a bucket, in Bundle 1 here, or with the Bermuda triangle here, or with both the Bucket and “Bermuda” Triangle in Bundle 3 here

Due to travel arrangements from Jun 18th  – July 7th, any order for anti nano bucket, triangle, and pulse generators,  from today until July 7th, will be shipped in later in July 2021 after my return. 

Shipments are done with the sequence of the order: first in – the first one

Currently, I am busy building anti nano devices and shipping existing orders.

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AN-PEMF-02v Pulse Generator with Frequency Control. To be used with  Antinano Bucket or Antinano Triangle, or other antinano device that meets the specifications


Product Specifications

  • Top Antinano Frequency Control unit to reset the program of the nano in your body.
  • Facilitates easier extractions with nutrients and Chelators.
  • It can be used with the anti nano bucket, the anti nano triangle, anti nano coils, etc.
  • Optimal health benefits if operated between 1-25 Hz. Potential best result at 7  or 8 Hz
  • Max use time per session 30 min.

Operation Voltage and current:

  • Input Voltage 12 – 30 V dc
  • The standard version is shipped with a 12V – 10A jack connector.
  • Option for more than 12V and up to 20A will be shipped with banana plug 4mm power in connectors.


  • 1x Enclosure box, grey color.
  • 1 Power input connections
  • 1 Output connectors to your devices
  • 1 Main ON/OFF switch
  • 1 Frequency Control Unit
  • LED as a Visual indicator when current is passing. Will flash at the rate of the selected frequency from the control unit.
  • 1 voltmeter.
  • Instructions for use

Power Input connectors

  • The standard configuration: 12V-10A, 1 DC Power Jack connector 5.5 x 2.5 mm,  to connect directly to your power supply adapter without cutting the cable. Please note that there is a wide range of power supply connectors and yours may not be compatible with this power jack. If this is the case, then either get an adapter to fit 5.5 x 2.5 mm,  Electrical characteristics of the power jack connector: 12Vdc – 10 Amperes. For usage with anti nano bucket. For connection with the anti nano triangle, higher amperage is required. Choose the power supply option for 12V 16 Amps
  • Optional configuration for 12-24 V –  max 20 Amps: 2 Safety panel mount sockets, type banana 4mm,

Output to antinano device

  • 1x Waterproof connector  5-16A Power 3 pin Waterproof IP68 Panel Connector

Please note that the color of the visual indicator LED and the output connectors as well as the color of the enclosure box, may vary from those in the pictures here.


  • Power Supply/Adapter 12Vdc 10A
  • Power Supply/Adapter 12Vdc 16A

If you are located in a country where different plugs (not EU neither N.America 3 pins) are used, either use an adapter/converter from the EU plug to your local country’s plug or choose one of our travel plug converters/adapters UAIY-01 or UAIY-02.

Use coupon code UAIY10 for an instant 10% discount for the travel adapter of your choice.


Please note that the main power switch and the color of the box may be different from those in the pictures.


Shipping Price, includes Total Shipping Cost, Packing, Export Costs, Admin, and Handling.

There may be customs duties & taxes at the country of destination, which is out of our control.




Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 13 cm
Power Configuration Options

Without Power Supply. For usage with a Bucket,I will use my own power supply 12V 8-10, I will connect it to the 5.5mm x 2.5 mm jack connector. I know how to connect it safely and correctly and I take the responsibility for the correct and safe connections., Without Power Supply. For usage with a bucket or triangle I will use my own power supply, 12-24Vdc 12-20A, I will connect it to the banana plug. I know how to connect it safely and correctly and I take the responsibility for the correct and safe connections and choice of components rated for the operating voltage and current., 12VDC 10A – (For usage with Bucket), Plug & Play with jack connector, 12VDC 12.5A – (For usage with Bucket & Triangle), Plug & Play with banana plug 4mm, 12VDC 16A – (For usage with Bucket & Triangle), Plug & Play with banana plug 4mm

Power in cable option for the power adapter/supply

Not Applicable, I do not purchase the power adapter/supply, North America 3 pins type, European 2 pins+ Grounding type


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